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I’ve been a member of SME for a few years now. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Patrick has been the best, engaging, down to earth speaker I’ve heard yet! He is at the top of my list for speaker referrals!

Sioux Falls Sales & Marketing Executives Member

Patrick is one of the most relatable speakers that I’ve ever heard. Finding somebody who is relatable, the effect of the messaging just doubles or triples.

United Way Emerging Leaders Member

By far the best speaker we’ve ever had, and I’ve been here for 19 years.

ND Telephone Company Employee

I greatly appreciated Patrick’s ability to relate to his audience and share his story…I started utilizing some of his suggestions right away!

ND/SD Public Communications Officials Member

Patrick opens up about the ups and downs in life…An excellent speaker who can help and relate to many different people.

ND Telephone Company Employee

Patrick’s presentation was one of the most relatable and useful ones my wife and I have seen!

American Federal Bank Employee

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